Basic SoundPLAN training

2 or 3 days basic SoundPLAN training with the following subjects:

Ø Primary Focus – Industry Noise / General Outdoor Noise Propagation
Ø Secondary Focus – Road, Rail and Wind Turbine Noise Model
Ø Modelling Concepts for Developing Noise Model
Ø Data import (DXF, Shape Files, Google Earth, Aerial)
Ø Data Organization
Ø Project Organization
Ø Documentation
Ø Graphics Output
Ø Wall Design
Ø Expert Industry (light)
Ø Work on a small project

powerplant soundplan noise mapping

powerplant soundplan noise mapping

2 days advanced SoundPLAN traininig with the following subjects:

Ø Review of current SoundPLAN release v7.4
Ø Review of Data & Project Organization
Ø Advanced Data Manipulation in GDB (Attribute Explorer)
Ø Industry Noise Modelling with new source definition / Expert Industry
Ø Directivity Input
Ø Advanced Graphic Features (Difference Map, Mapping Noise Levels, conflict Maps, 3D, Animation)
Ø Meshed Contour Maps, Cross Section Map, Combination of Maps
Ø Spreadsheet & Graphics
Ø Example project would available for the attendees and we use that data during the training

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