About us


The Thailand SoundPLAN team is hosting periodic training sessions on subjects that we believe to be pertinent and topical for our valued customer base. We will notify you of upcoming courses via email, and please do keep an eye on our website for any further announcements in this regard.

Personalised Online SoundPLAN Training

Our trainings can be followed in our training office in Bangkok Thailand, at your office or online. All our training courses are certified.


Let us know which aspects of SoundPLAN noise modelling you would like to receive training in, and we can put together an agenda for you. This can include working through a demo project or through a noise modelling project you may have on the go. Training sessions are available for all customers with a valid license or those who are considering to buy a license.

With access to experienced practitioners in the field of acoustics, this guidance will improve your knowledge, leaving you with a richer understanding and skill set in your topic of choice.


  • One on one training starts at only 450 USD per day.
  • If you would like more than one person from your company to join the training, the cost of each additional persons is reduced. Just let us know and we can send you a quote.
All participants will receive a personalized certificate of participation.