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we are a team of acoustical enginnners and trainers and we organize training for people working or wanting to work with noise realated professions such as safety officer, hearing screening, acoustical engineer, noise control engineer etc.

If you are working with acoustical software packages, you’ll need to keep up to date as the software packages are regularly updated and new regulations are implemented.

SoundPLAN, noise prediction and noise mapping software for rail noise, road noise, industrial noise and aircraft noise

SONarchitect for the prediction of noise insulation in buildings following ISO12354 (flanking noise)

NoiseAtWork, occupational noise mapping software

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Noise Training, SoundPLAN Training

We give specialized training for people working with noise such as safety officers in a factory, consultants, or anybody interested in working with noise and who likes to know more about this.

Our trainers are working in noise measurement project and consulting on a daily base so we have a lot of experience to make sure you will get the best possible training. Training are done in English or Thai language. Depending on the request, training can also be given at your company, please send us your inquiry.

All participants will get a certificate of participation !!

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